Al-Zahra Project

The aim of the Al-Zahra project is to plan, purchase and establish a center for Shia Islamic activities in Southampton, England. Only your generous donations can make this possible. Will you help us build it?

Raised: £223,000 | Pledged: £41,500 | Required: £235,500

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The Property

We are in the process of the purchase of a property in the Southampton area, to establish and run a shia centre for the surrounding community. Through your generous donations or khums money you can help us establish this centre for the current and future shia population in the south of England – a great source of sadaqah jariya for you.
The property, situated in a prime location, has a purchase price of £505,000 with further £85,000 for legal fees and refurbishments equating to a total of £590,000 for the whole project. Having raised around £223000 thus far, we are continuing, with the help of people, to raise the further £367000 required for buying the property. Without your help the Al-Zahra centre will not be possible.


Bank Transfer

Bank: National Westminster Bank (NatWest)
Account name: Al-Zahra Islamic Association
Sort code: 52-21-18
Account Number: 22601597

Online Donation

You can donate to Al-Zahra using any major debit/credit cards or your Paypal account (Please do not pay Khums using our online payment system):

Please note that PayPal deducts a 1.4% + 20p fee from each donation made through the website.

Khums Permission

Al-Zahra Association is authorised by Maraje to collect Khums and use Sahme-Imam for the purchase and establishing a Shia center in Southampton.

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Al-Zahra Association

Al-Zahra Association was established and officially registered as a charity organization in 2011 by a group of Shia Muslims in the south of England, aiming to spread the knowledge of Shia Islam. Al-Zahra Association organises religious and social activities in the region including; running Islamic events, promoting ethical and religious values, commemorating religious occasions and many other activities. These comprise the main goals and ethos of our association. In addition, over the last five years Al-Zahra Association has carried out a number of charitable and humanitarian activities.