Al-Zahra Project

Al-Zahra Islamic Association
Al-Zahra Islamic Association (ZIA) was established and officially registered as a charity organization in 2011 by a group of Iranian Muslims in the south of England, aiming to spread the knowledge of Shia Islam. ZIA organises religious and social activities in the region including; running Islamic events, promoting ethical and religious values, commemorating religious occasions and many other activities. These comprise the main goals and ethos of our association. In addition, over the last five years ZIA has carried out a number of charitable and humanitarian activities. 

Al-Zahra Project
The aim of Al-Zahra project is to plan, purchase and establish a center for al-Zahra Islamic Association. The number of programmes organised, along with an increasing number of participants and potential future programmes, clearly emphasises the need for a centre to accommodate these events. After many years of successful and productive activities, it is now time to purchase a centre. The present document provides a perspective in regards to the Al-Zahra project. It also offers information about the aims and objectives as registered with the Charity Commission, the management structure, current sources of funding and future aspirations of ZIA.   

Aims and Activities
  • Organising religious and cultural events.
  • Educational events in a variety of fields including; religious and social education. 
  • Establishing a healthy environment for leisure activities, especially for youth.
  • Social gatherings with the aim of expanding positive and healthy relationships amongst members of the society.
  • Creating a resource base, comprising of religious and cultural materials, for studying and individual use. 
  • Interfaith activities/events with followers of other religions.
  • Charitable and humanitarian activities aiming to reduce poverty within the society.
  • Providing a suitable environment with the view to being able to offer members counselling support.
  • Gatherings and activities for elderly community members.
  •  Coordinating facilities for the solemnization of marriage. 
  • Coordinating funeral services.

Operating ZIA 
The centre will be under the supervision of Al-Zahra Islamic Association; operating independently according to the constitution.

Financial Resources
Members participation
The most important financial resource of Al-Zahra project comes from the members’ contribution. The dedication and help of our members will in turn act as a platform for other financial aids to be accessed. 
Public contributions
The second step in financial provision is referring to charitable individuals and those who would like to financially donate. Search for charitable individuals will not be limited to a geographical region and Al-Zahra Islamic Association will exhaust every possibility to draw help from all over the world.
Using Crowdfunding platforms
One of the modern utilities for attaining financial resources is the use of Crowdfunding platforms. This resource will be explored after the initial fundraising stages listed above.